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Class Policies


Safety in the Shop

Hair: Pull long hair back.

-Wear long pants and closed-toe shoes.
-Wear eye protection when cutting, grinding, and soldering glass.
-Handle the glass carefully. Always assume there are sharp edges.

Soldering Irons:
-Do not solder if pregnant or nursing.
-Concentrate at all times and look before you pick up a hot soldering iron.
-Use a soldering iron stand or hold your iron in between soldering.
-Never rest the hot iron on work surfaces.
-Never leave a hot soldering iron unattended. Remember a soldering iron takes several minutes to cool down.

Health and Safety:
-Clean cuts and burns as soon as possible and apply appropriate antibiotic ointment and bandage.
-No smoking on the premises. You are using chemical products.
-Do not allow children in your workspace unsupervised.
-Do not allow pets in your work area.

-Always use safety glasses. It is also a good idea to wear an apron or old clothing you keep exclusively for glasswork. This helps keep glass from sneaking into your home environment.

Attendance Policy:

Only registered students may attend class. Student Age Limits: 16+

Dress Code and Safety:

As there could be a significant time spent standing, please wear comfortable shoes with a closed toe. For safety, please wear cotton clothing and avoid anything with full sleeves that could drag through chemicals or catch on your project (or someone else’s). Long pants are a requirement as well. Our facility is not temperature-controlled. Long hair must be pulled back. Please read our document on Safety in the Studio before class so that you know what to expect. Also, cutting glass requires some measure and hand strength, so can cause discomfort for anyone with arthritis, tremors, or similar conditions.

Workshop Liability Waiver:

At the beginning of each class, you will be asked to complete a liability waiver. Only those students who complete and sign the waiver may attend. You are not eligible for a refund if you refuse to sign the waiver. This is required by our insurance provider and no exceptions can be made.

Cancellation Policy

If Ion Art Cancels: In the unlikely event that we cancel a class, those who have registered will receive an opportunity to transfer their registration fee to a different class. If there are no other classes available to transfer to, a refund will be issued.

If a class is canceled due to inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances, those who have registered will receive an opportunity to transfer their registration fee to a different class or receive a class credit. If a class is canceled we are not responsible for reimbursing travel costs or other reservation fees. Ion Art will not refund/reimburse any rental, fuel, airfare, accommodation, or any other travel-related costs regardless of why the class is canceled.

If You Cancel or No-Show: Students who cancel a registration 14 or more days before the beginning of a class will receive a refund of the class fee, minus a $25 cancellation fee per student, per class. Cancellations made fewer than 14 days before the beginning of a class will not be refunded. In order to keep class costs low for all, we do not make exceptions to this policy for any reason, including illness, medical events, inclement weather, or travel delays. If you show up to a class and are visibly ill, or have notified us that you are ill, for the safety of the Ion Art staff and other students, you will be asked to leave and no accommodations will be made for refund or reschedule of any kind.

Private Lessons and Private Parties are pre-paid and non-refundable. Payment must be made within 48 hours of scheduling. We are happy to work with you to reschedule if you call at least 7 days before your scheduled class, but otherwise, you will forfeit any tuition or deposits that you paid for that session. No exceptions.

Reschedule: Students who cannot attend a class, but would like to transfer their tuition to a different class, must notify Ion Art 14 days or more before the start of the class. Without exception, there is a $25 rescheduling fee. We cannot reschedule students with less than 14 days' notice.

Students requesting to reschedule must choose a new class, one that is on the current schedule and has available space, at the time of the request to reschedule. If a desired class is unavailable for whatever reason, the situation is treated as a cancellation as noted above. In order to keep class costs low for all, and keep scheduling manageable for our staff, we make no exceptions for this policy.

Workshop Liability Waiver

The following is the complete verbiage from Ion Art’s Workshop Liability Waiver. A printed version, with added sections for the studio user’s contact information and signature, will be available at the beginning of each class.


I agree with Ion Art and its respective members, instructors, students and other glass participants (hereinafter, the “Release Parties”) shall not be liable or responsible for injury to me (including paralysis or death) or damage to my property occurring during any Ion Art activities and resulting from acts or omissions occurring during the performance of the activities of the Released Parties, even where the damage or injury is caused by negligence (except willful neglect). I understand and agree that all glass students participate voluntarily and at their own risk in all Ion Art activities and I assume all risks of injury and damage arising out of such activities. I acknowledge and understand that the activities of creating glass art, including working with soldering irons, kilns, torches, hot and sharp glass, grinders and other power tools, sharp tools and other potentially dangerous tools and products are inherently dangerous, and I knowingly assume all such risks which may cause serious injury or death to myself. I release and hold the Released Parties harmless from any injury or loss to my person or property that may result from my participation in Ion Art activities and events. I UNDERSTAND THAT THIS MEANS THAT I AGREE NOT TO SUE THE RELEASED PARTIES FOR ANY INJURY OR RESULTING DAMAGE TO MYSELF OR MY PROPERTY  ARISING FROM, OR IN CONNECTION WITH, THE PERFORMANCE OF THEIR DUTIES IN SPONSORING, PLANNING, OR CONDUCTING GLASS ACTIVITIES. I understand Ion Art often photographs and/or makes other recordings of events occurring in the studio. Studio users expressly consent to their likeness and voice being so captured and authorize Ion Art to use said material for any purpose including all commercial, publicity, and fundraising purposes. Studio user waives all claims for remuneration for said use whether based on invasion of privacy or any other reason.


I further agree to waive all benefits flowing from any state statute that would negate or limit the scope of this release. By signing this release, I certify that I have read this release and fully understand it and that I am not relying on any statements or representations made by the Released Parties.

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