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Capital Factory

Client: Capital Factory

Designer: Ion Art

Location: 701 Brazos St, Austin, TX 78701

Capital Factory approached Ion Art in 2016 with a unique request. They were planning to expand their workspace, and wanted a robot themed conference area. We were thrilled with this creative opportunity and went right to work designing. Drawing heavily from the vintage toy robots of the mid 20th century, we decided to go with a distressed paint finish on all components and also made them larger than life. The main attraction being a nine-foot-tall, 1,000 lb giant robot head. To match the robot we designed a custom reception desk, a ten-foot-tall stage backdrop, and a robot doubling as a beer tap. It’s safe to say this was one very fun job!

Having previously worked with us, Capital Factory reached out again at the beginning of 2019! They approached us with the idea of a desk that resembled a vintage 80’s boombox, and needless to say we were beyond excited. From sketch to finished product, we here at Ion Art did not want to miss a single detail. We wanted to be sure that this not only looked like a boombox, but also functioned as such. From sourcing each speaker individually, building and wiring custom speaker boxes, installing Bluetooth connectivity, and illuminating the face, this desk was truly custom from the ground up.

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