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Playfully nicknamed “the cheese grater” by some Ion Art staff, this self-assembled luminary does rather resemble a box grater. Laser cut from aluminum, this luminary comes in a silver or gold finish. It arrives flat and can be assembled into a three dimensional box. Simply fit the tabs into the corresponding slots for the 4 side panels, and insert the (optional) bottom panel through the lower slots. Add a flameless candle to enjoy art inspired by two of Ion Art’s most recognizable neon sculptures -  the Stargate Snakes, and Salvador the Elephant (based on the famous Dali painting).  Please Note: Due to the closed-in structure of the panels, the narrow opening, and the potential for shifting if moved or jostled, an open flame is NOT recommended for this piece. Flameless candles are highly encouraged.

Box Luminary (Small)

SKU: 364215376135199
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Color: Silver
  • Product Info

    • 7.5" x  4.25" (At Base)

    • Weight: (.5 lbs)


    • Material: Prefinished Aluminum

    • Color: Silver, Gold

    • Outdoor Use: Yes

    • Product Care: Wipe clean with soap and water

    • Candle or Light Bulbs: Not included

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