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ATX Sculpture

Client: Whole Foods

Designer and Fabricator: Ion Art

Location: Northeast corner of 5th & Lamar, Austin, TX

We have a long relationship with Whole Foods, dating back to the earliest days of both of our companies. We were more than thrilled to collaborate again when Whole Foods reached out to us to update their old concrete sign that spelled out “Whole Foods Market”, which was originally made by us.

The ATX sculpture was designed to be an interactive public-art installation, but no one knew it would become such an iconic piece. Our designer and fabricators worked diligently with the design team at Whole Foods to see this project through. Made of primarily steel and aluminum slats painted with high gloss colors, the structure was engineered to withstand all sorts of weather and human interactions. In 2017, Whole Foods dedicated this sculpture to the city of Austin and its residents.

“It has exceeded our expectations… We are seeing [photos] everywhere, and we are really proud of it!”
– Greg Keshishian

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