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Music Lane Green Wall

Client: Endeavor Real Estate Group

Designer: fd2s

Fabrication, Installation: Ion Art

The green wall at the entrance to the parking garage of the Music Lane mixed-use development on South Congress Ave presented an interesting problem. The client really wanted to get as close as possible to the look of a genuine living wall complete with real plants, but the technical requirements of a sign backer are not exactly conducive to the environment required for plant life. Water and soil do not mix well with metal and electricity. Luckily we managed to find a high quality faux plant product from a company called Make Be-Leaves that is incredibly realistic looking. Once the perfect arrangement of faux plants were put together on the sign frame, we were able to add in the open faced channel letters with exposed neon. The result is so pretty, we're a little bit sad it's not as visible from the street. However, it definitely makes for an unexpected visual treat for the people entering the parking garage, or anyone walking past on the sidewalk.

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